Mechanical vs Laser Engraving Showdown

In this post we directly compare the capabilities of a CylinDraw against a laser engraver for making custom tumblers!

CylinDraw Can Draw on Paper!

We are proud to announce a major new capability: CylinDraw makes for an excellent paper plotter! So how does it compare to existing paper plotters?

Engraving Tips & Tricks #2: Cooling, Feeds, & Speeds

The engraving process produces ultra fine particles that are too small to see which need to be collected for human safety. Our original design calls for a mounted shop vacuum and a magnetically mounted Lexan shield. This setup is simple & works great! Though its probably best used in a garage because a shop vacContinue reading “Engraving Tips & Tricks #2: Cooling, Feeds, & Speeds”

Optimal Path Planning and Hatch Filling For Pen Plotters

On Saturday mornings you can usually find me doing some sort of random craft project with my favorite tiny human. My daughter is a high energy curious 5 year old and I’m always trying to feed into her enthusiasm with open-ended toys, simple science experiments, origami, or drawing & coloring. Much of the coloring sheContinue reading “Optimal Path Planning and Hatch Filling For Pen Plotters”

Discover the Joy of Pixel Manipulation and Vector Art

(This post first appeared on  In my previous post I shared an introduction to a cup-specific plotter project I developed over the last couple years. This time I want to dive a bit more deeply into appreciating some of the art you can produce with this type of machine. This article has a good bit ofContinue reading “Discover the Joy of Pixel Manipulation and Vector Art”

CylinDraw Kits Available Now!

Good news everyone, we just posted the CylinDraw Kits on our Etsy web store! We are offering an introductory special including: Free Shipping, 10% off all orders, and we are including a bonus stainless steel tumbler along with kits while supplies last. Special ends July 6th. Link to Main Kit Listing which offers these 3Continue reading “CylinDraw Kits Available Now!”

Introducing CylinDraw!

(This article was originally posted on my blog at When I was younger every Christmas at least one person in my family would inevitably receive the gift of a new flashlight. The trend never failed and became a running inside joke.  “I don’t know what to get anyone, you’re all about to get flashlights.” Part ofContinue reading “Introducing CylinDraw!”