CylinDraw Kits Available Now!

Good news everyone, we just posted the CylinDraw Kits on our Etsy web store! We are offering an introductory special including: Free Shipping, 10% off all orders, and we are including a bonus stainless steel tumbler along with kits while supplies last. Special ends July 6th.

Its been about a month since we posted the introductory video on YouTube, & introductory post on; The rest of this post we will share some challenges & victories we’ve encountered since then.

*First I want to point out that this work is not a ‘Kickstarter’ type project. We believe in the future of CylinDraw and have self funded the initial round of inventory. So you don’t have to worry about indefinitely long delivery schedules, and we can focus our efforts only on the most value-added aspects of the work.

*Developing & hardening the machine design & software was only the beginning. We’ve been working on expanding our workshop, honing our assembly processes, and figuring out packaging & shipping logistics. From experience we’ve learned that intentionally designing your internal processes pays back major dividends. (Lessons learned on that front to come!)

*2021 has been showing some of its ugly side with supply chain delays abound…the ‘great chip shortage‘ has affected our ability to secure multiple parts. We ordered everything quite some time ago and (almost comically) the estimated delivery dates kept getting push back! Well have to keep that in mind as we go forward. As it is, we finally have 100% parts in house!

*We are experiencing an extreme heatwave here in Portland Oregon. With air temperatures over 110F, it is personally too much to withstand being outdoors for too long. Many buildings around here do not have air conditioning, so we feel quite lucky that we do have it. Still, by late afternoon the AC can’t keep up since the mass of the whole building has been heated and indoor temps rise into the 80’s. We had to pause all 3d printing this week so as not to make matters worse.

*We’ve developed and honed a new tool to help with your vectorization workflow! Its an Inscape based fully automated PNG to SVG bot. Wicked cool, looking forward to sharing the details on that soon, but here’s the link for now:

*Questions about ordering can be directed to

*Development ideas & technical questions are best asked in a public forum so that others can learn from the experience too! I setup a CylinDraw specific Discord server here.

That’s all for today, next time we’ll be sharing an article about the joy of vectorization. (The process really is quite interesting!)


Edit to note: If you do have your own 3d printer, getting together all the random non-printed parts for the CylinDraw without going through us is cost prohibitive & lead-time prohibitive to do on your own due to the global shipping delays. The very best way to finish the machine is to pick up our hardware kit too because we buy everything in bulk, check it, sort it, and we can offer all & only what you need at a good price! Plus, shopping with us supports independent creators!

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