Mechanical vs Laser Engraving Showdown

In this post we directly compare the capabilities of a CylinDraw against a laser engraver for making custom tumblers!

Tumbler Engraving Tips & Tricks #1: Bit Sizing

This winter we’ve been experimenting with our engraving process to lock down the best methods for different materials & cups. In this series I’ll be sharing some interesting tips we learned along the way in a small easily digestible format. First enjoy this short teaser clip & these beauties that resulted. How its Done CylinDraw’sContinue reading “Tumbler Engraving Tips & Tricks #1: Bit Sizing”

Introducing CylinDraw!

(This article was originally posted on my blog at When I was younger every Christmas at least one person in my family would inevitably receive the gift of a new flashlight. The trend never failed and became a running inside joke.  “I don’t know what to get anyone, you’re all about to get flashlights.” Part ofContinue reading “Introducing CylinDraw!”