The CylinDraw Control Suite is a set of executable programs packaged together as a zip file. Simply download the appropriate version and extract it anywhere you want.

  • All instructions including:
    • PDF of assembly & use instructions
    • Screw identification chart
    • Kit contents list + arduino pinout reference
  • Totally Random SVG files to practice with. Some are weird/stupid, don’t think too hard about it.

Download the zipped package. Right click on the package to and select “Extract All” to location “C:\” (or anywhere else you want it.)

The extracted software package is shown below. Please keep everything together in the same folder like it appears below. If you move the exe files or the system folder somewhere else then it wont work right. It is OK to make file shortcuts.

Also you don’t have to save JOBS, SVGS, or images in the named folders, it is just a recommended convention.

‘Firmware’ is the program that lives on the CylinDraw electronics hardware (‘firm’ is between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’). If you buy any kit the latest firmware will already be installed for you!

Updating Firmware Method 1: Install the Arduino IDE on your computer & connect to your arduino nano with our included serial cable. Then copy & paste the arduino code into the IDE & click upload.

Updating Firmware Method 2: Download the prepared .hex file above and install it using the XLoader.exe program from the Firmware Folder of the CylinDraw Control Suite. (XLoader original source linked here for reference). For device select the ‘UNO’ and use defaults for everything else.

Updating software: If we come out with a new release and you want to try it, simply download the file here and unzip it somewhere new on your computer. Its not an installation in a traditional sense, its just a stand alone executable file. The new software wont even know the old software exists, its all just files in a folder. Please note however, you will need to re-enter your license key in the new software.


Images for reference: