New Year, New Upgrades!

Happy new year! Its a busy time (as always) for me but life is good! 2021 (& 2020) saw me stuck in a tight loop most of the time. A dearth of traditional ‘adventure’ seems an unavoidable reality of the pandemic age. That, in addition to simply being an attentive parent. (I have 2 inContinue reading “New Year, New Upgrades!”

CylinDraw Kits Available Now!

Good news everyone, we just posted the CylinDraw Kits on our Etsy web store! We are offering an introductory special including: Free Shipping, 10% off all orders, and we are including a bonus stainless steel tumbler along with kits while supplies last. Special ends July 6th. Link to Main Kit Listing which offers these 3Continue reading “CylinDraw Kits Available Now!”

Introducing CylinDraw!

(This article was originally posted on my blog at When I was younger every Christmas at least one person in my family would inevitably receive the gift of a new flashlight. The trend never failed and became a running inside joke.  “I don’t know what to get anyone, you’re all about to get flashlights.” Part ofContinue reading “Introducing CylinDraw!”