All our kits are available on our online Etsy store hosted linked below.

Instructions to Input Full License Key:

  1. If you buy any CylinDraw kit from our store we will give you a full license key! Otherwise you can purchase a license key at the PayPal link below. After successful checkout you will receive an email with your license key within 24 hours.
  2. To activate, open any program in the CylinDraw Control Suite.
  3. Click ‘HELP’.
  4. Enter your full email address into the first text box.
  5. Copy and paste this key into the second box and click OK.
  6. If you ever want to update to a new version, simply delete the entirety of the old control suite folder. Then download & open the new version and re-enter your email + your key.
  7. (If you every lose your key for some reason just contact us and remind us of your order number and we will resend it to you.)

PC Requirements

CylinDraw requires a computer to run our software and a USB port to interact with the machine. We currently support Windows 7 and above. (Linux & Mac to be supported very soon!). The software is not resource intensive. Minimum 2gb ram & a 1 ghz processor should do it.

Why is this Software Licensed at all if buying a kit comes with a full license?

This methodology allows anyone to try out our software for free while preventing competitors from selling hardware kits that leverage our software. That’s all, there is no ‘gotcha’ or hidden costs for you. Our business model is simple, transparent, and consumer friendly. We sell various hardware kits, our 3d printable models, and we profit from affiliate marketing 3rd party products such as the Dremel Stylo. All are one time purchases, no subscriptions!

Planning on making your own CylinDraw without a kit from us? You can get a full license to our software for a one time payment of $50 USD. Note, for practical reasons this is non-refundable.

Get a Full Software License here:

This is a link to paypal to checkout a premium license
Note: If you buy any CylinDraw kit from us then you will already get full license included! This link is only for people who make their own machine without our involvement who want to use our software.