Run/Calibration Modes

‘Run Mode’ allows you to directly control your machine.
1. Connect USB cable to computer & wait for connection-notification.,
2. Click the ‘LOAD JOB FILE’ button and select a ‘.JOB.svg’ file. ,
3. To begin the job press the ‘Pause/Play’ button. ,
Notes: ,
-When finished please quit this program using the EXIT PROGRAM button to ensure the USB connection is cleared properly for best practice.,
-Control buttons appear only when they may be used. Otherwise they are hidden for convienence!,
-Clicking the preview image will open the stroke viewer in a separate window;,
-The drawn image will be centered on the face of the cup that is pointing up when you start the machine. The tool is the centerline!,
-Rolling your mouse wheel scales the display for viewing purposes only, it does not change the final drawing.,

Calibration Mode

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