Job Creation Mode

In ‘Job Creation Mode’ we convert generic ‘.svg’ files into defined ‘.JOB.svg’ files that your machine can draw in RUN MODE
1. Begin by pressing the ‘LOAD SVG’ button to load an ‘.svg’ file.
2. Then press ‘UPDATE DIMENSIONS’ to adjust the cup & tool size. (Settings will be saved for next time.)
3. Manipulate image as needed, then press ‘SAVE JOB’.
4. Then switch over to the ‘Run Mode’ to run that job!
About the Display Preview Box:
-In the box the white area is the working area. The blue lines show the visible front face of the cup. Red lines show usable boundaries (basically the cup surface unwrapped).
-Rolling your mouse wheel or pressing arrow keys is for view adjusting purposes only, it does not change the final output.
A note on the toggle options:
-‘Mono vs Multicolor’: create a job that prompts you to change pen color to match the svg file.
-‘Normal vs Black Outline’: add an extra black outline at the very end of the job for artistic purposes.
-‘No Fill vs Fill’: Fill draws objects solid as shown in the preview. (This takes more time to draw.)

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