At this time the CylinDraw is only built to function with the Dremel Stylo Engraver.

Dremel Stylo has a rolling dial to adjust speed from “1 to 5”, and the product specifications list the RPM to range from “5,000 to 22,000 RPM”. Approximate engraving speeds at each dial setting:

  • dial 1 = 5,000 rpm* (speed may reduce under load)
  • dial 2 = 9,250 rpm
  • dial 3 = 13,500 rpm
  • dial 4 = 17,750 rpm
  • dial 5 = 22,000 rpm

The bit size we ship with our kits is 0.5mm diamond ball end burr.

Engraving without Coolant:

We recommend that you have a shop vacuum present & turned on 100% of the time while engraving without coolant. Even if it doesn’t look dusty the process does create very fine particles that can be hazardous if you breath them. (We learned the hard way when the sunlight was just right & we could see the dust!)

  • Motor speed dial on the Stylo to just under “2”.
  • Feed rate (CylinDraw movement speed) setting around 7mm/sec with an acceleration around 1000mm/sec/sec.

Note: The removable magnetic shield on the CylinDraw is simply a first line of defense. We still recommend PPE such as a common dust mask & safety glasses.

picture Dry setup

Engraving with Coolant:

The addition of a small fountain pump with regular tap water enhances the engraving experience. You can operate at faster feeds/speeds without the need for a (noisy) vacuum or the magnetic shield. The water also increases the working life of your engraving bit. If you are planning on doing cup engraving for business then this is the way to go.

Picture: water setup

Ref: Link to feed & speed table.

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